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Sugar - Many people's soft spot!


     Quite often I am asked about sugar and how to avoid it and the cravings associated with it.  Well, let me start by saying sugar has never had a grip on me.  I find it much harder to control myself around a bag of salty potato chips than I do around a box of chocolates.  However, I believe the principles of healthy eating and how to avoid excessive sugar consumption are the same as they are for excess salt consumption.  (And if you ask my husband whose weakness is sweets - I am sure he would agree!)  I face these challenges by following two simple here for the rest of the article.


It's the middle of winter - why is my

produce market full of fruits?


     It's always amazing to me to find so much fruit in the produce department in the middle of February.  Yes, we live in a "warm" climate - but not that warm!  Perhaps you've noticed the same thing.  It's cold out, maybe even snowy, yet there are fresh peaches at the grocer's.  What's the scoop?  Well, while its winter in North America, its summer in South America and every country south of the equator.  While our ground is frozen and the air too cold for tropical fruit, southern hemisphere countries are entering bathing suit season and summer sporting events.  Right now, citrus fruits and strawberries are about the only fruits being grown in North America.  All of the other fruit is coming either from storage or right off the boats and planes from far off countries.  With the advent of global shipping, it's no longer unusual to find fresh fruit all year.  But is it any good?  Yes and no.  What I have discovered is that in order to satisfy both our taste buds and our budgetary constraints, I normally bypass fruits and vegetables grown half a world away.  It's not just the uncontrolled pesticides that keep me away.  I have often found that while globally-shipped fruits look quite nice on the outside, the insides are rotten.  Many, many times I have cut into a beautiful Chilean peach, plum or nectarine to find the area surrounding the pit to be brown and rotten.  When we owned our large produce store, we stopped carrying Chilean fruits because of the undetectable center rot.  There was no way to guarantee the quality of the fruit.  I will admit, sometimes I would be pleasantly surprised by the taste, but not very often.  Right now, we are feasting on American grown pears, Florida strawberries, organic apples, bananas and fresh pineapple.   When Georgia and California are awash in fresh peaches we will be too, enjoying cobblers and sorbets. But until then, we'll stick with fresh strawberries and bananas.


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