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It's already past Memorial Day and summer is upon us.  We have been enjoying the sun, the beach and the fine weather for picnics and swimming.  We're also enjoying the taste of all the summer vegetables.  Living in Florida, we get the fresh summer fruits and veggies a little earlier than the rest of the country - but its coming.  The best part is that while most of our food prices are rising at an enormously quick pace, if we can take advantage of the abundance of summer fruits and veggies coming on the scene, we may be able to moderate the increase.  This is the time of year when we almost gorge ourselves on fresh cantaloupes, berries, watermelons, sweet corn, okra, summer squashes and cherries.   By the time the season is over, the prices start to climb and the quality starts to slip, we have had our fill and are ready to move on to the next season's harvest.  Seasonal eating is a new buzz word that people like to throw about as if it is some new and trendy way of eating which helps "save the earth" while I relish the fact that it makes great dollars and sense! 


Beans for breakfast? Recently we have been embracing beans for breakfast which some people think is pretty strange, but we find rather tasty.  America is just about the only country in the world where beans are unusual for breakfast and perhaps it's about time we gave it a try.  Both of these recipes are great for any time of the day, but you may just want to try them at the start of the day. Besides the fact that beans are loaded with fiber, protein and phytonutrients they are incredibly inexpensive and will keep you well filled until lunch.


Slow Cooker Bean Topping

We love these beans in quesadillas and burritos and they are so easy because there is no presoaking of the beans. Click here for the recipe.



Bean and Oat Waffles

My children said these were the best waffles they had ever eaten, and believe me, they have eaten quite a few.  With this recipe, I no longer cringe when my son wants waffles every morning for breakfast. Click here for the recipe.





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