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Organic Produce - Is it worth the cost?


I taught a large cooking class this week and one of the questions that came up - as it often does - is whether organic fruits and vegetables are worth the price.  I always say that if your food budget is unlimited, it is always better to buy everything organic.  However, most of us are working with a limited budget and we often need to make hard choices when it comes to our purchasing decisions. I used to steer away from organic produce and products because I assumed they would always be way outside of my price range.  Then, I started to investigate what organic really means and began to search for smart ways to be able to incorporate the wisest choices into our pantry and refrigerator.  I started with organic apples - simply because we were having a very hard time finding good tasting apples.  It took a while to get over the initial price, but after our first bag of organic apples, we were hooked.  The apples had drawn me over to the organic side of my local grocer, and the taste kept me looking at other organic produce.  Much to my surprise, I often found organic produce at prices very close to traditionally grown items.  Then I joined a co-op and we are now very fortunate to be able to buy mostly organic produce.  But let's go back to the beginning.  Read the rest here.

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Summer is finally in full swing and the farmer's markets and grocers are full to the brim with the summer bounty of fruits and vegetables.  This is a great time of year to eat your fill of lower cost, great tasting, locally grown produce.  Our refrigerator is literally overflowing with fruits and veggies of every type and it reminds me of those overstuffed closets portrayed on televisions shows.  My husband is getting quite nervous every time he opens the refrigerator - he is sure everything is going to come tumbling out.  Luckily, the watermelon hasn't dislodged and fallen at his feet - yet.  Only the bags of greens and cherries have come close to the edge.  Meanwhile, we are nourishing our bodies with scrumptious salads, greens and fruits while the price is right.  Our bean dishes and soups are taking second place to veggie plates and fruit salads.  Most nights, I prepare the vegetables very simply but sometimes I am inspired to prepare a casserole.  A reader sent me the recipe for a great Layered Summer Casserole.  We have made it several times and enjoyed it immensely.  The casserole is very easy to prepare and beautiful to look at.  We've also been enjoying Brilliant Kale with Red Peppers.  This recipe is one of the first ways I have been able to prepare kale that my children delight in rather than endure.


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