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Spotlight on Plums
Plums, Plums, Plums. 
 Now is the time when the grocery and produce aisles are filled with wonderfully sweet and juicy plums.  Plums come in over 2,000 varieties, with over 100 varieties available in the US , all with their unique taste and look.  Plums are a relative of the peach, nectarine and almonds and when dried they become known as prunes.  The skins of plums can be red, purple, blue-black, red, green, yellow or amber, while their flesh comes in hues such as yellow, green and pink and orange--a virtual rainbow. 
If you want to purchase plums that are ripe and ready to eat, look for ones that yield to gentle pressure and that are slightly soft at their tip. While you can also purchase plums that are firm and ripen them at home, avoid those that are excessively hard as they will be immature and will probably not develop a good taste and texture profile. 
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New recipes:
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It's been a great two weeks.  I had a wonderful time helping to encourage and instruct others on a few vegetarian cooking basics.  I would even venture to say that I helped widen the horizons of at least one "tried and true meat and potato man".  One of my favorite things to do is to help people see that healthy eating can be tasty and easy.  Sometimes it only takes one tasty vegetarian entrée to begin someone's journey to Healthy Eating, Vibrant Living! 
Don't Believe
the Label!!!
We are bombarded in the grocery store with products which make wonderful claims of "New and Improved", "Whole Grain", "Organic", "Healthy", "All Natural", "Light" and "Trans-Fat Free".  We recently watched a video by Jeff Novick, who appeared at a conference sponsored by Vegsource. He used to work for Kraft Foods, but now works at the Pritikin Institute. The topic of his talk was, "Don't Believe What You Read on the Front Label - - EVER!!!".  During his talk, he used many examples of "health foods" that were terribly mislabeled. Read more here.