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Spotlight on Pears
We love all fruits, but there is something magical about pears in our house.  Perhaps because it was the first real food Emily ever tried, it has remained her favorite.  Perhaps it is because they are juicy and sweet, with a soft, buttery yet somewhat grainy texture, that we like them so much.  The season for pears runs from August through October, although pears are available most of the year because of excellent storage facilities and the global market. 
Pears are members of the rose family and related to the apple and the quince. Pears generally have a large round bottom that tapers towards the top. Depending upon the variety, their paper-thin skins can either be yellow, green, brown, red or a combination of two or more of these colors. Finish the article here.
 For a delicious Pear Crisp recipe, click here.

Commom myths about Protein
Some people may worry about how easily a vegetarian diet can provide all of the protein we need. The fact is, you don't need a nutrition degree to have a well-balanced diet with vegetarian foods.
Combining of vegetarian foods isn't necessary to get more than enough protein. It is an old myth that is still quoted that you need to combine certain foods to get a complete protein. Eating an adequate number of calories per day made up of any normal variety of plant foods gives us all the protein our bodies need.
Did you know that 100 calories of Romaine lettuce actually contains more protein than 100 calories of steak? Although there may be potentially less protein in a vegetarian diet, this is actually an advantage. "Western" societies currently consume far too much protein. For the rest of the article and good sources of vegetable protein, click here.
The first of September is here already.  I am always amazed at how fast the time slips by.  I guess the older we get, the faster it goes.  We homeschool during the summer months, but we did celebrate the beginning of the school year with a "Not Back to School Party".  We all had a blast swimming and playing and watching the expression on the seniors who came to the pool thinking they would have it all to themsleves on the first day of regular school.  Yesterday we took the children to Sebastian Inlet and enjoyed the fishing museum and snorkeling and swimming in the tidal pool before the holiday rush.  The place was nearly deserted and we had a great time combining biology lessons and family fun into a wonderful day.  I love having the margin in my life to truly be able to enjoy all of God's creation and beauty.
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