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Happy Labor Day weekend to all of my subscribers - new and old!  Summer is almost over and I hope you are all enjoying these last days as much as we are.  We are also reveling in the wonderful selection of late summer fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the markets right now.  All year we wait for the height of plum season and the explosion of fresh tomatoes that we find during the last days of August and early September.  There is nothing that speaks summer to us as do fresh tomatoes.  A slice of a good tomato is like a slice of heaven - the problem is finding good tomatoes.  We frequent our local produce market where the owners know how to select and store these wonderful summer treats.  It may take an extra trip to a local produce market but it is well worth it.  Grocery store tomatoes don't even come close to farm fresh tomatoes.  It is amazing that until just about 120 years ago, tomatoes were considered poisonous in this country.    For five great ideas on how to serve and enjoy tomatoes, read more here.

TS Fay Results in New Vegetable Cookbook

We've all heard the song "Dancing in the Streets" - well, we were canoeing in our streets after Tropical Storm Fay came and left - leaving 30 inches of rain behind her.  We normally don't flood in our neighborhood - but most streets can't handle so much rain in so little amount of time.  My mother-in-law lives 5 houses away and had water coming up to her door.  My husband took our canoe out in the midst of the storm and evacuated his mom to our house.  He even had to make two trips - one for her and one for her yellow lab - who was not happy about having to swim to our house.  We loaned our canoe to others who needed to fetch their dogs or belongings from the flooded streets and houses.  And we learned how to make lemonade when life gave us lemons.  Right after dinner, the rains subsided for an hour and we decided to take an evening stroll - flood style - in our canoe.  It was nice being able to canoe down the street to check on our neighbors, assess the damage and build some lasting memories with the children.  Luckily, no one on our street had water in their house, although many in our town did.  It's amazing how quickly life can change.  We were supposed to be camping on the west coast of Florida when Tropical Storm Fay changed our plans and put life on hold for a few days.  We thank God that we did not see more damage and we pray that He will ease the suffering of those who did. 


During our housebound days, I invested my time in finishing my vegetable cookbook.  Somehow, I never could find or make the time to put the finishing touches on 60 of our favorite vegetable recipes.  Now, it is done!  The book, entitled Vegetables from A to Z, has recipes for the most common vegetables found in grocers and produce markets.  These 60 recipes are a collection of the tastiest and easiest dishes my family enjoys everyday.  The book also details how to select and store everything from asparagus to zucchini.  The ebook version of my second cookbook is available now for only $7.  I am sending the book to the printers and will have hard copies available by mid-September for only $11.99 (plus $2.99 S&H).  I also have a "combo" special with my first cookbook, Wisdom From the Kitchen, Volume I here. 


I hope this newsletter finds you all well.  The weather has finally lifted and we went camping this last week.  We had lots of fresh air, fun in the sun and a plethora of fresh fruit that we missed while being homebound for so long.  May you and your family also enjoy the last few days of summer.





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