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Simple Tools That Make
Kitchen Life Easier
Nancy Walker, Healthy Eating, Y-Peeler
I wanted to take a few minutes in this newsletter to share two kitchen items that I find myself reaching for over and over.  This week I was working on a couple of new recipes, and I was faced with peeling a butternut squash.  For years, and yes I do mean YEARS, I avoided all recipes which called for peeled butternut squash.  If you have ever tried peeling a hard winter squash with a regular kitchen knife, you will understand.  Then, I discovered a y-shaped vegetable peeler while staying at my sister's house.  WOW!  Suddenly, I was a whiz in the kitchen and able to peel just about anything in record time.  It took me a while to find my own, and now I own several of them.  Regular peelers that we are all familiar with are great for carrots, or any other vegetable that is long and straight, like cucumbers and zucchini - though I don't know why you would really want to peel these.  However, I never found the old fashioned peelers worked better than a knife on potatoes or anything else.  Y-shaped peelers are wonderful for any odd shaped or round fruits and vegetables.  They even make peeling a butternut squash an easy task. I find I reach for my y-shaped peelers more than any other. Click here to find to find one for under $10 - a great investment for your kitchen. 
Another tool I really like is a little electric whisk.  Seems like such a little thing, but it really makes my life easier.  I have had a variety of different ones over the years, and I have found most of them to be about the same.  We make a quite a few gravies and sauces in our house to serve over potatoes, Soy Curls, tofu and vegetables.  A little electric whisk saves me quite a bit of time and seems to eliminate the lumps that are often associated with gravies.  For under $10, you can pick one up and add it as an easy-to-store, often-used kitchen gadget.  Once you have one, you will probably find quite a few uses for it.  Sometimes, I've even found them in my local dollar store, so keep an eye out when going through any kitchen gadget section, or click here to find one you can order.
This is a great time of year as the weathermen begin to talk about cold fronts more often and the tropics less and less.  It's also when we begin to think of getting out our pop-up camper and heading for some great state parks in Florida .  The rest of America starts planning harvest celebrations and winter activities while we are just preparing to emerge from our summer hibernation.  We even managed to go for a bicycle ride today - at NOON!  The only bad thing is that the summer fruits and vegetables are rapidly disappearing.  But, they are quickly being replaced with a fresh crop of apples and squashes.
This is just a little different than my other newsletters.  I did not choose to highlight a fruit or vegetable, but instead two inexpensive tools which really make my kitchen life easier.  My first encounter this season with peeling a butternut squash brought on the idea.  Let me know what you think because this newsletter is about helping YOU prepare, eat and enjoy God's bountiful produce. 
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