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The Smell of Pumpkin Pie

The smell of pumpkin pie is permeating the house, my son has called me blessed - just because of that same pie - and the plethora of fresh apples we picked on a recent vacation is overflowing my refrigerator.  Autumn must really be here - and this is our favorite time of year.  We miss all of the summer berries, but we have had our fill and we are truly enjoying the autumn harvest as new squashes and fruit show up at our local produce market and grocer.  If it's been a while since you've made a butternut squash soup or a homemade pumpkin pie, then perhaps it's time to revisit some delicious and easy recipes.


Pumpkin Pie - This pie is so easy to make and so delicious that we have it often at our house.  Sometimes we even eat all of the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

Three Sister's Stew - This stew is a great addition to the holidays.  It reminds us of the food the original pilgrims and Indians ate in North America.  Be sure to read about the legend of the Three Sister's before you eat it. 

Squash link - If you feel a little befuddled with all of the fancy winter squashes, this is a great link which is sure to help.  We like the sweeter squashes better and the butternut and  sweet dumpling or carnival squash are our favorites.

Pumpkin bread recipe - The grandmother of one of my daughter's friends gave us this recipe and we modified it to make it a little more healthy.  It still contains a lot of sugar, but it's worth every bite.

Pumpkin Soup or (Pumpkin Soup with Peanut Butter) - Can it be fall without a hearty dish of pumpkin soup and a nice loaf of warm pumpernickel bread?  Not in our house.  Canned pumpkin is much easier to use in recipes than fresh pumpkins, so both of these recipes require very little effort.



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