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Gift in a Jar:
Country Herb Lentil Soup Recipe

I hope all of you are enjoying this Christmas season as much as we are.  We homeschooled through the summer so we could take the whole month of December and devote it to preparing for Christmas.  However, the list of things we want to do is still longer than the time we have set aside.  I suppose we will have to plan on having Christmas cookies all through January just so we can try all of the different varieties we bought ingredients for.  If your days are as filled with get-togethers, Christmas plays and musicals and fun activities as ours are, and if your gift list looks larger than your budget, I think you will find this recipe to be very useful.  It was just three years ago that the children and I prepared jars of this delicious soup mix to give as gifts to many of our friends and family.  I am always amazed at how often I am asked for the full recipe by those who have received one of the soup mix jars over the years.  The ingredients for each jar cost less than 2 dollars and are a snap to assemble.  We like to gather all of the ingredients and our quart size mason jars around the dining room table and layer the soup mix while singing along with the Christmas carols we love.  We always make several extra jars to have available as last minute gifts to those we may unexpectedly see over the holidays.  Merry Christmas to all of you!


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