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Christmas, the celebration of our Saviors' birth, is upon us and most of us are thinking of family gatherings, joyous merriment and gift-giving.  It's also the time of year when our thoughts begin to turn towards resolutions and increased attention to our busy lifestyles.  It seems normal to start the New Year with a list of those things we want to change about ourselves and our behaviors.  Written goals are a wonderful beginning anytime of the year, but if we think of them as a list of "thou shall nots" we might find ourselves derailed early in the game.  Trying to remove unhealthy choices from our lives is much more difficult than focusing on ADDING healthy choices.  Think of your resolutions as gifts that you are giving yourself and your family.  Try these resolutions or gifts on for size and see if they don't seem a little easier to achieve and more refreshing to focus on than the more traditional list.


  1. I will give myself the gift of time spent with the Creator each and every day.
  2. I will give myself the gift of daily exercise, stretching and increased movement.
  3. I will give my family the gift of a healthy breakfast each day.
  4. I will give myself the gift of well seasoned foods, without the use of salt.
  5. I will give myself the gift of an earlier bedtime each day.
  6. I will give myself the gift of forgiveness - of myself and of others.
  7. I will give myself the gift of fresh, whole foods the way God created them.
  8. I will give my family the gift of many hours of my undivided attention each week - time for all of us together, and each one, one-on-one to worship, learn, refresh, recreate and restore.
  9. I will give myself the gift of giving to others by being involved in my local church and ministries.
  10. I will give my family the gift of myself through paying attention to the important numbers in my life (cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, waist measurement and glucose).          
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Today seems like the beginning of the holidays to our family.  Our shopping is done, our wrapping almost complete and we are getting ready to settle into home and enjoy those precious moments that make us a family and unite our hearts forever.  Tonight we will be assembling our gingerbread house; tomorrow we are going to put the finishing touches on some presents we are making for the family and Sunday we are making some delicious Christmas cookies.  And of course, we are all excited about finishing up our Advent story that we have been reading for weeks.  Each night ends with a cliff hanger and we are excited to hear how it all will come together at the birth of Jesus.  We feel incredibly blessed with all that God has placed in our lives and the opportunities He has provided us.  We pray that as you and your family approach this holiday season in great anticipation of Christmas that you will be able to make new memories and will also take the time to reminisce and enjoy those memories created in previous years.   May the peace of our Lord and Savior and the Glory of the angels in the sky over 2000 years ago be with you this Christmas and always!  God Bless and Merry Christmas!